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Experience True Adventures in Cairns

Cairns Canyoning is bloging about Adventure Tours in the Cairns Region.

What is like to work in Adventure Tourism (Guides point of view)

If you have been looking for working on tourism industry, let me tell you about my experience in this field… Get there and try it on! This is what my father used to say, encouraging me swinging on vines, jumping off rocks, swimming downstream on Swiftwater, since I started hiking, camping and fishing with him…

The benefits of having Adventure Activities in your life

Adventure Activities can create great power in people´s lives. It is a great way to overcome your fears, positive lifetyle changes and trying something new like river boarding or cliff jumping, absailing, rock sliding. In this blog, I will try to demystify the “danger”, highlighting the benefits of self-challenging, being close to animals, plants, waterfalls…

FNQ Rainforest & Wildlife

Australia is special and there are several evidences to support what I am saying. Firstly, the big size of 7.692 million km2 land which is a home of  25 million people,  gives a demographic density of just 3.3 persons per square kilometre, making this country so unique. Being one of the most sparse countries in…