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Closed - Spillway Advanced

Quick Details

Person Ages 12+

Join our Waterfall Rainforest Experience in Lake Morris, Cairns!

Our adventure tour in Queensland is only available to the public through Cairns Waterfalls! During this rewarding full-day section, otherwise known as Spillway Advanced, you’ll need to be adventurous! It’s also helpful to have swimming experience and a determination to overcome your fears…

In the morning, you’ll see the beautiful Cairns City views on the way up to Lake Morris (on the Copperlode dam walk). Once at Lake Morris, you’ll change to stunning views of the lake and surrounding World Heritage Wet Tropics rainforest. From here — we will get ready for your trip, show you the ropes, walk through the day’s plan before descending / abseiling over a 52 meter drop.

You’ll see parts of FNQ that very few will ever get to see, let alone experience. We have bigger drops, slides, water chutes, waterfalls, abseils and more, on this full-day Spillway Advanced. The full-day course finishes 4.2km downstream at Crystal Cascades (one of Cairn’s most popular waterfalls).

Our experience in Queensland course has been designed to have no environmental impact, it’s an unforgettable experience & we’d love to show this to you! Book your Lake Morris, Cairns tour.

  • Ages 12 years or older
  • Abseils – up to 8 (largest being 52m / 180ft)
  • Rock Jumps – up to 3 (largest being 10m)
  • Rockslides – up to 2 (weather dependent)
  • Plunge pools or similar – none at this site
  • Water Chute – 1