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Closed -Riverboarding Barron, Queensland

Quick Details

Person Ages 12+

Experience the Rapids Of the Barron Gorge on the Barron River in Cairns

Just a short 15 minute drive from Cairns, we take you to the mighty Barron River surrounded by the tropical rainforest.
Barron Gorge National Park is well known as one of two whitewater rafting hotspots around Cairns over a challenging grade 3 whitewater… If you have already been whitewater rafting before, riverboarding is your next adventure!

Riverboarding in Cairns is a more personal experience where everyone has their own individual riverboards, fins, and safety equipment. We go head first into the river rapids, tackling the course from within the Barron Gorge River (as opposed to on the river).

Basic swimming skills are required. Your experienced tour guides will show you how to read the water and tips on making the most of your riverboarding experience. Suitable for families, people looking for their next adventure, or to try something new. Come check out Australia’s only riverboarding tour company. With a maximum of 16 people in your group (unless private charter), this is definitely a personal experience to enjoy in the Wet Tropics on the Barron River in Queensland.