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In the Wild

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Today I am about to demystify the “danger” of being in the wild by describing a remote trip into the rainforest while canyoning, explaining some elements in a place called “The Spillway Trip” that you should definitely experience.

It amazes me to see  people’s overcoming doing things that they have never thought to do in their life’s before, due to a lack of courage, knowledge or opportunity. Believe me, it is a common situation in my canyoning daily “routine”.It does not seem to be real spending a day in a place where you will not have mobile phone reception, surrounded by dense forest and pre-historical creatures correct? It looks like to be a Hollywood film scenario.

The remote place

Located in Cairns Fare North Queensland (FNQ) Australia, the Dinden reserve is full of interesting things to see and to do. Do not be surprised if you are moving downstream in to the crick and you realize that you are sharing pools and rapids with platypus, eels or if you have been watched by the giant, curious and exotic bird called Cassowaries on side of the river.   This is just a taste of experience provided by the oldest continuum leaving rainforest in the world (80 million years old). Cairns Canyoning started exploring this area in 2017 when the Australian Army requested a professional supervision to run a military exercise among Australia, US and China. The event occurred every year since then. In the early months of 2020, the adventure company decided to commercialize trips in the section for the general public.  

Into it

This tour is with no doubts one of the most adventurous  in Australia, taking about 7 to 9 hours crossing a section of 4km straight line but over 12km due to turns and crossing river and 400 meters elevation, while jumping, sliding, hand-lining, abseiling (12 stations), caving, swimming behind the waterfall curtains, and many more. As you are driven up to the hill towards Lake Morris where the activity starts, the lookout provides a stunning view of Cairns city. Most of the places in the canyon are named with aboriginal language.

Taste of awesome figures

Wang Falls area- (steaming falls) – named due to the steam that the two waterfalls create on it drops of 47 meters, not being the highest on the trip but certainly  the most exciting one by being operated in 3 steps, in a loud area, right beside of the waterfall, surrounded by higher and completely vertical walls reaching up to 100 meters.  The first part (Wang 1), gives the option of 7m abseil at the first drop or walk across a sort of rock bridge to reach the second and main fall. The second drop (wang 2)  is about 15 meters high and ends up in a narrow ledge  where the adventurous people have to attach themselves in a handline to be safe while the guides pull the ropes down to set up the wang 3 rappel which is about 27 meters, landing in to a waving giant water pool.


The Gap – located at the beginning of the trip, this is a narrow slide, about 10 long and 4 meters high. People have lots of fun speeding  through it, lying back, having arms and hands on the chest, landing into a pool.

Dom slide – it is a terrifying but safe slide, usually one of the favourite spots listed from people on the tour. The waterfall itself is 5 meters high, steep, into a drop and following running and turning on left hand side wall straight into a white-water section.

The Deep – It is a narrow shoot about two meters high. The power of the water makes the participants dive after dropping, for about 3 to 6 seconds.

Rooster Tale – The exotic 20 meters waterfall ends up with a little ramp which generates the power of making the water going back up forming a Rooster Tale shaped wave.

The Cave – Formatted by enormous rocks, the cave starts with a small passage and increasing the space while crawling, and sliding on the little rapid inside it, followed by gaps and natural tunnel areas.  

Who can do it?

Not at all. Anybody over 12 years of age, capable to swim, with minimum fitness level and not terrified of heights should try it. Be good listeners and the local guides will provide you one of the best adventure tours in Australia.

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