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Behana Half Day Canyoning Tour

It is quite difficult to describe a place which presents so many different aspects. In fact, if you get there, you will realize that any direction you point your eyes to, you will ask to get a picture of.

The freshwater of the gorge coming from Mount Bartle Frere and Bellenden Ker is probably one of the clearest waters you will see in your life and that is the place where one of the most enjoyable canyoning trips happens in Fare North Queensland.

Why to experience it

A Canyoning trip involves elements such as walking on slippery rocks, cliff jumping, rock sliding, abseiling and many more. Depending on the canyon, all these above mentioned turn in to compulsory actions to reach the end of the trip. Not everybody feels comfortable  to commit it for sure. Behana Canyoning due its formation, can be very adventurous however, it is up to the person the decision of jumping off 10m of height, get into massive water slides or abseil down cliffs . There is always a way to go around obstacles at any point in the canyon and therefore, this place should be your first canyoning experience if you are unsure about your skills.

a man flying through the air while riding skis


At the very top of a beautiful cascading waterfall called Clam Shell, is where the adventure starts with a couple of small practicing jumps into a crystal-clear pool. As  the landing position has polished up, higher jumps up to 10 meters are offered to experience. Do not be surprised if you bally flop at your firs jump and you end up flipping by the end of the trip. Your guide will teach you how to do it.

a waterfall in the snow

The Fishing Spot

This strong white-water slide starts just behind the waterfall and carry you downstream for about 20 meters, sometimes depending on the water level, pushes under water making people losing the direction.

a group of people walking along a river next to a body of water


Gazelle abseil

Excellent for beginners, this abseil starts in angle of 45 degrees and gets steeper a as you go further down. The view of the rainforest valley below gives a great value to this place. Sometimes an Eel is seen swimming in the water in this area.


The Hole in the Wall

Just about halfway trip, you will find a massive rock which has a natural hole. To access the place, it is usually necessary sliding into a rapid that leads in the hole. Depending on the water level, sometimes it is necessary going under water to get in the  hole, and out over the other side of it.

a person riding on the back of a stone wall

Washing Machine

That is the feeling when you are in it, I guess. The washing machine is a white-water location, sometimes swirling water that spins you around once you slide in. Despite of its scary looking, this highlight is super safe. Be ready to hold your breath for few seconds.

a man riding a wave on a surf board on a body of water

Zig-Zag Slide

In a shape of Z, this slide leads you in a little pool at the first drop and carry on downstream for about 25 meters, ending up in a sort of gap chapped rock formation. Despite of being a shallow section, the slide presents just little bumps, but any possible impact is absorbed  by the impact vest (lifejacket), helmet, wetsuit and all the gear provided by Cairns Canyoning company.

a man with a waterfall in a body of water

Hang Over

It is a little cave that can be accessed by going through a hole in the ground that also leads into a pool. If you feel adventurous, it is possible swimming across the pool and go behind the powerful waterfall that will push you under water for few seconds.


Canyoning is a safe and enjoyable activity if done properly. Professionals are able to read the environment and provide the best choices of having fun accordingly to people physical and psychological skills. Enjoy it!

Marcio Garbuio

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