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Allbout Cairns

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How about if instead of competing, people and/or businesses help each other and growth together?

Yes, looks like it is not so common but very possible. Allbout Cairns is a non-profitable corporation that was created to gather businesses together to offer each other client’s different possibilities of tours, food and accommodation.

The idea came during the pandemic lockdown when a significant number of Cairns local businesses were treated to close the doors due to safety restrictions and after the lockdown due to lack of tourists in town.

The best advertisement

Having a Hub well located in the CBD as a meeting point, is the key of making Guests walking short distances and check the variety of different shops are settled in Town.

Returning clients from the trips are always the best sign that the holyday is worth it. So, when different trips end together at the same time and place, people have the chance of sharing their day experiences while checking the photos on a big screen TV. The vibe created in the room is absolutely contagious, more effective than reading any online review, articles or watching videos on YouTube. People usually end up booking other trips.

Other benefits

It is not just one sort of specific type of business that take advantage from Allbout Cairns. When tourists have more options about what to do, they stay around for longer. Hotels and accommodations have extra nights staying, restaurants have more tables filed out and more and more workers are required.

Environmentally friendly

Thinking on the amount of carbon dioxide is thrown in the air every year due to guests pick up from their hotels, those small short distances that people walk from their accommodations to Allbout Cairns make an enormous difference.

What to find in the Hub

The shop advertises a variety of things from adventurous to relaxing trips, restaurants, hotels and places to go for free accordingly to each one preferences and budget.

Once people walk in to the door, they are welcome and start having the checking done as well as the online medical form required for the trips they are taken. The ambience is relaxing and comfortable. There are sofas everywhere in the shop, nice songs are always playing on the speakers and the receptionists are always interacting with guests while they wait for departing for their trips.

Following some businesses

Cairns Canyoning

Based on adventure tours, the company provide different level of canyoning from 3h up to 8h trip that consists combined activities deep in the rainforest such as abseiling, ziplining, cliff jumping, rock sliding and many more.

River Boarding

Being the only one in AUS, the business provides such a unique sledging experience at Barron River and/or Tully river. Both are considered grade 3 white water rivers on the sledging sections.

Barefoot Tours

A reliable company that provides tours in a world heritage rainforest chasing a variety stunning waterfall, crater lakes and towards some of the most beautiful locations in the Atherton Tablelands. The guides/drivers are full of knowledge about local history and geography and they provide educational tours. Maximum 14 people on the bus with flexible itinerary. Breakfast and lunch are provided during the trip.

What SUP Cairns

Beautiful and adventurous paddleboard experience running at Islands, Reef, Tablelands, Lakes, Rivers and Sea. The company provides SUP trips, lessons, hire and sales. Minimum of 1.5hrs – Explore Goldsborough Valley, Double Island, Spirit of Kuranda or Sunsets at Tinaroo.

Horse Riding Adventure

Surrounded by World Heritage Rainforest and mountains, Mount-N-Rides unique horse trail rides will take you all over their beautiful 150 acre property and give you an experience that you’ll never forget.

Allbout Cairns Contact

You can personally visit us at 58 Graffton Street – Cairns or visit Our website for more information.

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