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Tully River Boarding – Advanced

Quick Details

Person (Direct Special) Ages 12+

We are an established fun river boarding company that explores the beautiful surrounding rivers, in the oldest rainforest in the world! We offer some unique adventure experiences from Cairns. Take on the challenge head first and see the rapids of the Tully Gorge like no other…

A 2 hour senic drive from Cairns, we head past the Sugar Cane feilds, Banana farms, south near the coast line, then up into the World Heritage Wet Tropics into the Tully Gorge National Parks. Hidden within the stunning rainforest backdrop is the Tully Gorge, we begin our adventure in the Tully also known as Cairns Most Adventurous White Water Rafting spot – but if you’ve already been rafting this is definately an alternative, more personal small group experience worth doing!

River Boarding is a more personal experience, everyone has their own individual riverboards, fins, safety equipment & we are head first into the river rapids (grade 1-4), tackling the course from within the Tully Gorge River (as apposed to on the river).

Intermediate swimming levels are required, your experienced tour guides will show you how to read the water & tips on making the most of your riverboarding experience. Suitable for people looking for their next adventure, or to try something new like Australia’s only riverboarding tour company. With a maximum of 16 people in your group (unless private charter), this is definately a personal experience to enjoy in the Wet Tropics!

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