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Open Dated Ticket

Quick Details

  • Online bookings only
  • You must be able to meet at the river.
  • There is pick-up on request – $10pp
  • All gear will be sterilized before guests receive & use.
  • No lunch or snack are included, guest are to bring their own food
  • Attachable cameras are acceptable on helmets only
River Boarding Gift Certificate
Crystal Canyon Gift Certificate
Behana Canyon Gift Certificate
Spillway Canyon Gift Certificate

Lock in an amazing experience with open dated tickets.

It seems like the Zombie Apocalypse is slowing down and Cairns Canyoning are in full swing again! EXCITING!

With great news, comes great responsibility to rise up out of the ashes like a Phoenix and spread our wings far and wide to bring back the adventurer inside of you all!

RIVER BOARDING – Barron River or Tully River!
CANYONING – Behana, Crystals or Spillway section

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We Can’t wait to show and share with you all one of our great experiences, see you soon!